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Marbles in Socks

The Items Needed:

  • 2 big long socks (preferably clean–and without holes…)
  • At least 60 regular size marbles
  • 1 5-gallon bucket

The Players:

  • Two teams of two will play against each other, so four people will play at a time.  One team member holds the sock and the other digs in the bucket for marbles.
  • Optional participant: the designated counting person

The Objective:

  • To get the most marbles into your team’s sock before the time runs out (10 seconds)

The Rules of the Game:

  • Any violation of these rules is an automatic loss for your team
  • No scooping the sock into the bucket of marbles
  • If one marble falls to the floor (or elsewhere) your team loses
  • No holding the sock over the bucket of marbles
  • Time limit: 10 seconds (give more time if you have more marbles…and want it to take longer of course)


This is a simple game that we adopted from a game called “Rocks in Socks”.  We couldn’t figure out how to play it practically with rocks, but we had a 5 gallon bucket of “water pearls” leftover from a recent wedding.  I don’t know where we bought them, but here’s a place that sells water pearls. The kid’s couldn’t keep their hands out of the bucket because these squishy marbles felt so neat in their fingers.  Then after mostly everyone got off the bus we just started throwing them at each other 🙂