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Christian Printable Mazes

Help the Church Bus Pick up 12 Riders

Get the Church Bus through the one-way streets of the city to the Church, but don’t forget to pick up your riders! In this maze there are twelve stops and they’re waiting patiently outside (and wearing bright red). Pick them up wherever you see the red dot, but know that NONE of them are in the direct route to church (as usual). Hurry up now–church is starting soon and you can’t be late! (or else no breakfast treats)

Good Shepherd and the Lost Sheep Maze

In this maze, help the Good Shepherd leave the 90 and 9 sheep safely in the fold and go find his one lost sheep! Thank God that He loves us that much and that we’re all that important to him. He’s brought me back many times when I’ve been wandering like a foolish sheep. Maybe I’ll learn to stay close to the Shepherd!

Egypt to the Promised Land Maze

In this maze, lead the Children of Israel through the wilderness and around Mount Sinai a few times to reach the Land flowing with milk and honey! You might have to cross the Red Sea to get there (and maybe take a boat ride on the Great Sea just because).

Lot and His Family Maze

Help Lot, his wife and daughters escape the city of Sodom in this maze! The city was full of wickedness of every sort and God was about to destroy it, but He gave Lot’s family a chance to escape. Genesis 19

Father Abraham Journey Maze

Help Father Abraham journey across Mesopotamia to the Promised Land in this maze. The Lord told him to leave the land he was raised in (“Ur”) and to travel on roads he had never seen. Abraham believed God and obeyed right away, so God blessed him in many ways.

Woman Touches Jesus Garment Maze

Read about the woman who made her way through the maze of people just to touch Jesus’ clothes, and how she was healed of her disease when she did in Luke 8:43-48. Then help her get to Jesus in this maze!