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Zacchaeus Was a Wee Little Man

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Dchaeus Awas a Dwee little Aman, and a Dwee little Aman was Dhe.
He Dclimbed up Ain a Dsycamore Atree, for the DLord he Awanted to Dsee.
And Das the ASavior Dpassed him Aby, He Dlooked up Ain the Dtree,
And he said, “Zacchaeus, you come down from there;
For I’m Dgoing to your Ahouse to-Dday,A… for I’m Dgoing to your Ahouse Dtoday”



Dchaeus Acame down Dfrom that Atree, as Dhappy as Ahe could Dbe,
He Dgave his Amoney Dto the Apoor, and Dsaid: “What a better man I’ll be.”



Dsinful Aheart was Dcertainly Achanged when DJesus the ALord passed Dby.
He Dwants to Achange your Dsinful heart Atoo, this Dtruth you can-Anot de-Dny.
If Dyou de-Asire to Dsee the ALord the DBible Atells the Dway:
For it says, “Believe Christ died for you.”
He will Dcome into your Aheart to-Dday.A… Yes He’ll Dcome into your Aheart to Dstay.