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Slim Jimory Match

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The Items Needed:

  • 2 small boxes of small Slim Jims ($3 for a box of 15 at Wal-Mart)
  • 1 cardboard box approximately 2′ x 2′ x 1′
  • 1 ballpoint pen
  • 1 dark Sharpie marker (must be a quality marker to write on the Slim Jim wrappers)

The Players:

  • One player at a time
  • One administrator

The Objective:

  • To select two Slim Jims with a matching number, and be rewarded therewith

The Rules of the Game:

  • The player may choose 3 Slim Jims per turn.
  • The chosen Slim Jims will be pulled out of the box with the numbers revealed.
  • If the Slim Jims do not have a matching number, they must be put back into their holes immediately.
  • If they match, the player may keep the Slim Jims.
  • I like to give a small ‘consolation prize’ for each player if they don’t find a match.

Preparation (5-10 minutes):

  1. Open your Slim Jim boxes and place a number on the same end of each Slim Jim, two of each number (1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,5,5,etc.).
  2. Punch as many holes into one side of the box as you have Slim Jims — use the pen to punch the holes.
  3. Insert the Slim Jims into the holes just enough so the numbers are hidden inside the box.
  4. You may want to mark a bonus pair of Slim Jims with a star or something (worth extra treat).


This is a great affordable game that doesn’t take much preparation time or money, but people of all ages have fun playing it.  It’s scalable for if you have a larger crowd: just get more Slim Jims and punch more holes.  It is meant to be played much like the classic card game, except you can eat the game pieces!  Who doesn’t like that?

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