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Slim Jim Slip

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The Items Needed:

  • A box of small Slim Jims ($3 for a box of 15 at Wal-Mart)

The Players:

  • One player at a time
  • One administrator

The Objective:

  • To grab the Slim Jim as it falls with only your two fingers

The Rules of the Game:

  • The player puts his index finger and thumb over the red spot on the bottom of the Slim Jim
  • Their fingers cannot be touching the Slim Jim before it drops
  • They may only catch it with their index finger and thumb


This is a very quick game that allows everyone on the bus or in the classroom to get a chance to play and win the Slim Jim (or 2, as was my reward).  It looks very easy to win, but you’ll find that it is extremely difficult even for teens, especially if the person dropping it uses any distraction techniques, such as asking the player short goofy questions and then dropping it while they try to answer.  Even the youngest child can understand and play this game (3 years old kid had fun trying)!

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