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God Is So Good

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Verse 1:

GGod is so Dgood
D7God is so Ggood
G7God is so Cgood
He’s so Ggood Dto Gme

Verse 2:
He took my sin
He took my sin
He took my sin
He’s so good to me

Verse 3:
Now i am free
Now i am free
Now i am free
He’s so good to me

Verse 4:
God is so good
He took my sin
Now i am free
He’s so good to me.

Other verses:

  • He cares for me
  • I love Him so
  • I praise His name
  • He died for me
  • He answers prayer


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    You have to click the orange guitar icon at the top or the link next to “to show guitar chords”. I suppose I should write the word “chords” on the icon eh?

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    Thank you for the page it will really help with the children for praise and worship and help for me too.

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    Thanks for the songs and chords – very helpful for leading children’s chapel.

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    Great easy to use

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    so happy to find this, bring my memory to my sunday school times

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    My family and I enjoyed the ease of playing this awesome song and worshiping our good good Father!

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